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Dembe is the Authorised Distributor for Elekta Home Appliances in Uganda. Elekta provides the best of Home Appliances at affordable prices.

Comfort at home has to be created as it is not acquired. Home products that give out a sense of satisfaction is rare but Elekta’s vision of home is different. To provide the best of home appliances at affordable prices, Elekta was established in 1988. Since then, it has been fulfilling the dreams of people worldwide by providing the products that they once wished to have. Every one deserves a home that is beautiful, warm and spacious. We at Elekta believe that every home is special and our products polish your homes in the fairest way possible. Our wide range of products have been appreciated all around the world. They have been designed in a way that can fit seamlessly into all types of house decor.

Elekta Fryers/Electric Ovens/Microwaves

  • Elekta 2.5L Deep Fryer EDF800
  • Elekta 28L Digital Microwave with Grill- EMO789GC
  • Elekta 25L Digital Microwave with Grill- EMO635G
  • Elekta 43L Electric Oven with Rotisserie- EBRO444
  • Elekta 34L Electric Oven with Rotisserie- EBRO534

Elekta - Gas Stoves

  • Elekta 3 Burner Tempered Gas Stove (Black)- Egc305
  • Elekta Single Burner Gas Stove- Egs1n
  • Elekta Double Burner Gas Stove- Egs2sn
  • Elekta 2 Burner Tempered Gas Stove (Black)- Egc207

Elekta Blenders

  • Elekta 1.5L Multifunctional Blender EFBG 1586
  • Elekta 1.5L Plastic Jar Blender & 1 Grinder EFBG 1581
  • Elekta 5 in 1 Hand Blender ESB351
  • Elekta 4 in 1 Hand Blender ESB 365
  • Elekta 1.5L Plastic Jar Blender EFBG 1580
  • Elekta 0.55L Juice Extractor

Elekta Toaster

  • Elekta 2 Slice Sandwich Maker- EST21E
  • lekta 4 Slice Toaster with Cool Touch-ET452
  • Elekta 2 Slice Toaster- ET256
  • Elekta 2 Slice Toaster with Cool Touch- ET252

Elekta Rice Cooker

  • Elekta Rice Cooker Gold with Non-Stick Bowl
  • Elekta Rice Cooker with Steamer ERC 184

Elekta Steam Irons

  • Elekta Electric Seam Iron- 2892XY
  • Elekta Platinum Smart Iron LED Digital Display- SI851

Elekta Kettles

  • Elekta 1.7l Cordless Stainless Steel Kettle- Ekt2710
  • Elekta 1.7l Double Walled Kettle- Ekt2744
  • Elekta 1.7l Cordless Plastic Kettle - Ekt2729
  • Elekta 1.7l Cordless Kettle- Ekt2726

Elekta Water Dispenser

Elekta Washing Machine

  • Twin Tub Washing Machine- 5.5kg
  • Twin Tub Washing Machine- 11.5kg
  • Twin Tub Washing Machine- 13.5kg