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7th August 2020

Dembe Group and DKT International donate UGX 2 Billion (USD 550,000) to UPDF (Uganda Peoples' Defence Force)

1st August 2020

Mpigi & Mityana Health Centres get solar lights to help workers safely deliver babies

31st July 2020

Dembe Group & Reckitt Benckiser Donate $240,000 worth of Jik and Dettol to people living with HIV

23rd July 2020

Dembe Group & DKT International donate one million condoms worth $50,000

2nd June 2020

Dembe Group & Philips Signify light up Kampala slums

29th April 2020

Dembe Group & Philips Signify donate $100,000 worth of lighting to Uganda Govnt to help fight Covid-19

22nd October 2019

Dembe Group meets with Minister of Kampala to discuss lighting shortage on Uganda Streets