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Ledvance Osram

Dembe is the Authorised Distributor for Ledvance Osram in Uganda. The world's leaders in general lighting with more than 100 years of experience.

Osram - Classic LED Bulbs

  • Screw - Warm White-E27
  • Pin - Warm White-B22D
  • Screw - Daylight -E27
  • Pin - Daylight-B22D

Available in: 4.5w, 7w, 10w, 12w

Osram LED Stick Bulbs

  • Screw- Warm White - E27
  • Pin- Warm White-B22D
  • Screw- Daylight-E27
  • Pin- Daylight-B22D

Available in: 7w, 9w

Osram LED Tubelights & Batten Fittings

  • Tube Lights - 8w-600mm, 16w-1200mm, 20w-1500mm
  • Batten Singles - 600mm & 1200mm
  • Batten Twins - 600mm & 1200mm

Osram LED Floodlights

  • Std: 20w/6500k, 20w/3000k, 30w/6500k, 50w/6500k
  • Pro: 100w/6500k, 150w/6500k

Osram LED Downlights

  • Slim Panel Dl Rd 18w/830 Wt 20x1 Ledvo
  • Slim Panel Dl Rd 18w/865 Wt 20x1 Ledvo
  • Pro 105 9w/3000k 30x1
  • Pro 105 9w/6500k 30x1
  • Pro 150 16w/4000k 24x1
  • Pro 150 16w/6500k 24x1
  • Pro 190 20w/3000k 18x1
  • Pro 190 20w/6500k 18x1
  • Pro 190 25w/6500k 18x1

Osram LED Value Downlights

LED Value Downlights

  • 6.5w/865 220-240v 6x1 Ledvo
  • 10.5w/865 220-240v 10x1 Ledvo
  • 15.5w/865 220-240v 8x1 Ledvo

LED Value Ceiling Lights

  • 10w/830 220-240v 5x1 Ledvo
  • 10w/865 220-240v 5x1 Ledvo
  • 10w/840 220-240v 5x1 Ledvo
  • 20w/865 220-240v 1x5
  • 23w/830-240v 1x5
  • 23w/865 220-240v 5x1 Ledvo

Osram LED Eco Classic Bulbs


  • 18w/865 220-240v B22d 1x20pcs


  • 18w/865 220-240v E27 1x20pcs
  • 27w/865 220-240v E27 1x20pcs
  • 36w/865 220-240v E27 1x12 Pcs
  • 45w/865 220-240v E27 1x8pcs

Osram LED Value High Baylights

  • 80w/6500k
  • 90w/6500k
  • 120w/6500k
  • 150w/6500k
  • 200w/6500k

HQL Mercury Vapour Lamps

400W, E40 12 x 1

Osram LED Spot Lights

  • Osram Spot Led Ad Pro 3w/3000k 1x50pcs Led Luminaires
  • Osram Spot Led Ad Pro 5w/3000k 1x50pcs Led Luminaires
  • Osram Spot Led Ad Pro 8w/3000k Sp Wt 36x1 Ledvo
  • Osram Spot Led Ad Pro 10w/3000kfl Wt 36x1 Ledvo

Osram LED Bulbs

Star Par 16 Bulb GU10 - Retrofit Pin Base-Daylight

  • 165036 4.7w/865 230v GU10x10x1g5
  • 166536 6w/865 230v GU10x10x1g

Star Par 16 Bulb GU10 - Retrofit Pin Base-Warm White

  • 165024-4.7w/827230v- GU10x10x1g
  • 166536-6w/827230v- GU10 X10x1g
  • 5w/830230v--GU10x10x Dimmable

MR16 GU5.3- Daylight

  • 1650366- 5w/865 230v GU5.3 1x10pcs

MR16 GU5.3- Warm White

  • 1650366- 6.5w/827 230v GU5.3 1x10pcs

E27 6.5w/827 230v Filament 1x10 Dimmable

  • E27 6.5w/827 230v Filament 1x10 Dimmabl

Ledvance LED Panels


  • 40w/3000k230v 5x1me Ledvo
  • 40w/4000k230v 5x1me Ledvo
  • 40w/6500k230v 5x1me Ledvo


  • 32w/4000k 230v 3x1 Ledvo
  • 32w/6500k 230v 3x1 Ledvo
  • 53w/4000k 230v 2x1 Ledvo

Support Kits

  • Led Suspension Kit 12x4 Led Luminaires
  • Surface Mount Kit 4x1 Ledvo


  • 53w/4000k 230v 2x1 Ledvo

Ledvance Damp Proof Housing

  • 1200 1xlamp Housing 8x1 Ledvo
  • 1200 2xlamp Housing 6x1 Ledvo
  • Slim 12w 36w/6500k 20x1
  • Led12 Battery Pack 6x1 Led Lumina