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Manufacturers of Wax Candles and Superior Quality Wax Safety Matches.

Wakisha Wax Candles

Wakisha Wax Candles are high quality candles and are characterised by an excellent finish with non-drip, non-smoking and non-tunneling features.  Dembe only uses top quality wax in the manufacture of Wakisha Wax Candles.  You are guaranteed to get the best value with Wakisha Wax Candles.

Packed as:  8 Non-Drop Candles, 185g/box.

 Wakisha Matches

Superior Quality Wax Safety Matches.


  • 10 Matchboxes = 1 Paper packet
  • 100 Matchboxes = 1 Bomba
  • 10 Bombas = 1 Carton
  • Therefore, 1,000 Matchboxes in 1 Carton