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Ponders Uganda Ltd

Ponders Ltd is the manufacturing arm of Dembe and was founded by Mr Adim Damani in 2011, a 4th Generation Ugandan.  Ponders manufactures the ‘Snowman’s’ brand, Uganda’s number one ice cream and yogurt brand.   

Ponders Ltd acquired the struggling factory and Snowman’s brand from an existing player in 2011 and has managed to turn the brand around in a short space of time to be recogonised regionally as a strong player in the frozen and chilled sector.  Snowman’s Ice Cream is Uganda’s first and only UNBS (Uganda National Bureau of Standards) certified Ice Cream.   

Dembe and Ponders both use a variety of Cold Chain vehicles to transport the perishables around the region, and as a consequence have now become the largest fleet of purpose dedicated cold chain vehicles in Uganda.  This ability to effectively combine Cold Chain with Mass Market FMCG Distribution is what makes the Company a  multi-faceted leader in its field.

Ponders has recently ventured into the Snowman's Snack Attack potato crisps range (saddle, ridge and normal cut) and Snowman's Eclairs confectionary range

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